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Introducing Contract Eagle

An effortless solution that delivers brilliant results

Contract Eagle deals swiftly to the most common and costly problems in the contract management lifecycle – missed deadlines and hard-to-find contracts. By focusing on these common pain points, we deliver maximum impact and return on your investment.

Our guiding principle is to keep things simple. Contract Eagle is thoughtfully engineered to be easy and intuitive to use. It’s also quick to set up and straightforward to customize. This means users will be up and running fast, allowing you to quickly take control of your contracts and see the benefits of better contract management.

Features & benefits
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Features & benefits


Contract Eagle is a contract document management system and contract reminder system that organizes your contracts into a safe and secure database, with email reminders sent out in advance of key contract dates.

Load in your contract documents and data and here is what you will get...

Find your contracts fast

If you can't find the contract you may as well have ripped it up.

Your contract documents are kept safely in the database so that you always know where to find them when you need them.

Contract Eagle's ability to store multiple documents per contract means you can keep multiple versions of the same document as well as supplementary documentation relating to the contract e.g. pricing and performance reports.

The contract database features of Contract Eagle ensure you can always lay your hands on the terms of the agreement. No more time wasted searching for documents, and no more embarrassing calls to the other party to ask if they can send you a copy of your contract.

Never miss another contract milestone

Would you risk your entire business for the sake of a missed renewal?

The milestones within your contract are way-points in the contract lifecycle that present both opportunities and risks. The financial implications of these opportunities and risks are such that the entire value of a contract can be lost through a simple oversight. This might occur if your key staff member takes leave, resigns, or simply forgets. You might be too busy on a project, or your normal day to day business, to take a look at your contracts.

Contract Eagle safeguards your contract milestones via its unique email reminder and task management system. Emails sent out to the initial recipient require a response which, if not acknowledged, will be escalated to the next person in line. A task will be created automatically to ensure that the required activity is managed through to completion.

The "Future Event Schedule" report provides a calendar view of your upcoming events, meaning you are able to plan your contract activities without having to wait for emails to arrive.

Streamline your administration

Contract Eagle supports centralized, best practice contract management.

Contract Eagle facilitates best practice contract management across large multi-divisional organizations. Contract Management stakeholders, such as CFO, General Council or Procurement can easily achieve visibility across all contracts to manage risks and opportunities.

The road to efficiency begins with loading your contract documents via an efficient, easy-to-use interface. Your contract information is stored in a tidy and structured manner, including barcoded cover sheets that can be attached to the front of your hard copy for filing.

You will realise your efficiency gains when you need to find a contract document, when you need to use the reporting to look for cost savings and when you are using the workflows to receive notifications of upcoming events or changes to contract details.

Also, we provide a data entry service called Eagle Extract which will help you with the ongoing maintenance of your contract database.

AI Assisted Data Entry

Save money

Reduce your spend and improve efficiency

Many of your contracts will have a limited life and are subject to renegotiation and price change. If you have the opportunity to gain a financial advantage by renegotiating the terms of your contract then you must not miss the window of opportunity.

Terminate redundant contracts

If you no longer require the contract then you absolutely must terminate it. If your contract has a notification period then Contract Eagle is able to send the reminder in advance of the rollover date.

The shareholders will not thank you for locking them into payments you don't need for another term.

Manage customer/supplier relationships

Manage supplier performance

Use Contract Eagle to initiate pricing negotiations and performance review meetings. At the end of the negotiations or review process you can load any resulting documentation into Contract Eagle to maintain a performance history along with the contract.

Ensure you are taking every available opportunity to manage your spend, keep your suppliers performing and keep them honest.

Retain your customers

Your customers will realise how efficient you are when you contact them on schedule, to meet your obligations under the contract.

If you miss a key milestone you may lose the customer, or worse, face a law suit well beyond the value of the contract.

All the contractual activities you undertake with your customers can be tracked within Contract Eagle, ensuring you have a clear trail of documentation stored in a central location. Any queries on what was agreed can be answered with authority by referring to your notes and documents stored within Contract Eagle.

Searching & Reporting

Advanced Searching

Contract Eagle caters for large and small contract databases via its ability to switch between a basic search screen and an advanced search screen.

Search options include

  • Contract ID - which is a sequential unique number, automatically allocated by the system.
  • Search word or phrase - will list all contracts containing the given word or phrase in any of its fields.
  • Date - including the ability to search before, after and between dates.
  • Number value - Including the ability to search less than, greater than and between values.

Easy Reporting

Contract Eagle Reporting works hand in hand with the powerful search capabilities to enable future planning, relationship management and cost control. Simply search for the contracts you wish to include in your report then select your report.  You will then be able to generate your report in multiple output formats, including PDF and Excel. 

In addition to the standard reports you can extract the selected contract data to Excel, so you can reformat, pivot, or report exactly as you like. If you have a requirement that isn't solved by the available reports then we can build one for you.

Technical Information

In cloud or on premise

Contract Eagle is hosted on Microsoft Azure for best-of-breed security and reliability. Maintenance, support and secure cloud hosting are included in a simple all-inclusive subscription, so you can budget with certainty.

If you prefer, you can also select our self-hosted option.

Proven, Trusted and Secure

Helping businesses – from banks to pharmaceutical, from agriculture to aviation - take control of their contracts.

Contract Eagle follows the principles of the Cloud Security Alliance and regularly conducts independent penetration testing of its software and cloud platform.

Integrated Security

Security comes built-in

Contract Eagle provides contract level security that is very simple to manage on a day to day basis, yet allows your business to restrict contract visibility to the right people.

By signing on to Contract Eagle, you are identified by the system and your permissions - the features you are allowed to use and the contracts you are able to view or update - are determined.

If you are using Contract Eagle "On Premise" then your login will be managed seamlessly as a Single Sign-On (SSO) via Active Directory. If you are using Contract Eagle "Cloud" then you will enter a user name and password.

Each contract is allocated to a team and the access to it is centrally controlled via a security policy which your administrator can define.


Guaranteed response time

All Contract Eagle Subscriptions come with guaranteed support response times and no limitation to the amount of support you can use.

Knowledgeable support team

Your support query will be received by a knowledgeable support person, not by a superficial call center.

Self monitoring

We monitor our own cloud platform to ensure its continual availability when you need it.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, and there is an outage on our cloud platform, then you can trust that we will be working to resolve the issue and will be posting updates on our support portal to inform you of progress.


I want to know more. What now?

The best way for you to fully understand our solution is to ask for a personal demonstration of Contract Eagle, which can then be followed by a FREE online trial.

Until such time as you are ready to receive a demonstration we will be happy to converse with you via phone or email.  Please contact us with any queries.

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