22 November 2019

A Big Deal - Contract Eagle & Legal Sifter

The most powerful integration yet

Contract Eagle’s most powerful integration yet - Legal Sifter AI – keeps your focus on deals, not data entry.

“Where are we at with the contract?”

Whether you work in contract management, sales, legal or governance, you probably say those words much more often than you’d like. Contracts get held up for all sorts of reasons – time-consuming data entry, slow review processes, workflow bottlenecks, and simple human error.

With Contract Eagle’s latest innovation, that can all change. Through smart integration with Legal Sifter, Contract Eagle now offers two powerful new tools – automated document intake and AI assisted contract review.

Automated document intake

Drop a scanned contract in, and Contract Eagle’s automatic intake feature will create a searchable PDF, and then pull out data using Legal Sifter’s AI. Key dates and clauses (for example Contract Title, Party, Start Date, End Date and Auto-Renew) are automatically loaded into Contract Eagle, removing the need for manual data entry. You’ll even get a message when the contract’s due, since the dates are flagged and reminder emails set up automatically.

You can sit back and relax, because the only manual work involved is dropping-in the contract!

AI assisted contract review

In collaboration with Legal Sifter’s world-class AI tech, Contract Eagle can examine and assess contracts – automatically flagging any areas of concern. You’ll know instantly whether or not you need a legal expert, saving time, cutting costs, and removing potentially expensive guesswork. All contracts can be examined with ease regardless of size or relative importance. Plus, if you do need your legal team involved, they can view the highlighted risk areas immediately, saving valuable time and freeing up resources.

The system can even be configured to meet the specific needs of your organization – pick and choose which rules you want to apply from Legal Sifter’s extensive best-practice playbook.

AI assisted contract review will help you:

  • Save time for your valuable legal resources.
  • Enjoy greater certainty around legal risk.
  • Unlock the value of contracts that would not normally be reviewed.
  • Take advantage of diminished risk and greater visibility of opportunities.

Dealmakers and contract managers can also track each contract’s journey through the review process, and will be automatically notified when a contract review has been completed.

A comprehensive audit trail provides complete visibility of the contract pipeline, and Contract Eagle’s powerful workflow system orchestrates the entire process.

When it comes to getting deals done with speed, consistency and visibility, it’s a pretty big deal.

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Simon Aspden
Simon Aspden
Chief Eagle Officer

Technofile, marathon runner, CEO of Contract Eagle.





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