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“Our C-suite were losing sleep over the risk of losing a key customer. Now we have Contract Eagle we are sleeping easy.”   

Manage big customers - and their big reporting requirements

Obex Medical is a leading distributer of medical devices, working with District Health Boards, Private Hospitals, and Pharmacy and Logistic Suppliers. With over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Obex has a strong focus on meeting the changing needs of healthcare in Australasia.

Recently Obex have started working with Pharmac, the government entity that manages procurement on behalf of District Health Boards. This has also meant working with Pharmac’s strict compliance and regulatory framework. Obex’s old contract management system wasn’t up to the task and Obex management were losing sleep over the risk of losing the account.

With so much at stake, they started looking for a system that would allow them to proactively manage their KPIs as a supplier. Robyn Hulse, Business Services Manager, talked to us about how Contract Eagle has let them sleep easier at night:


Over time, as our company has grown and the landscape of our industry has changed, contracts have gone from being a handshake agreement to becoming more and more complex, with more reporting requirements and opportunities to breach if KPIs weren’t achieved.

This has been a growing challenge. And now with Pharmac in the medical device market, as a customer of ours their contracts are more complex than we have had before. They have very strict stockholding requirements, KPIs and reporting requirements that we need to adhere to. If we don’t, we face financial penalties and we could jeopardise the relationship with our largest customer.

Our C-suite were losing sleep over the potential of a team member to miss an important date, let a report or KPI deadline slip through, and therefore risk losing the account. One of our finance team had seen Contract Eagle in a previous role in the Real Estate industry and said it was a great product, so we got in touch with Simon and the team.

We were looking to partner with a business that had a product that was reliable and had the flexibility to adapt to us as an individual business. We needed a product that would automate sending out reminders to our team to ensure that key KPIs were completed on time. Simon and Carlene listened to our concerns and what we wanted to achieve and ensured that they understood our business requirements. After discussion with Contract Eagle we were rapt that they were about to launch new product tiers of Contract Eagle that exactly fitted our needs. It was a game changer for us, we are so glad that we snapped it up, it has made our lives so much easier.

"Incredibly flexible ... easy to use."

Contract Eagle is incredibly flexible and we were excited to see that we could populate our own fields and adapt the product to exactly suit our needs. Other products we had looked at were not adaptable and didn’t suit our business requirements.

Contract Eagle is so easy to use. It sends out emails to our team as and when necessary and it’s great to have tiered reminders (90,60,30 days). It has made our team more accountable for the requirements they are responsible for and has given us the assurance that we won’t lose business because a contract expired or a KPI wasn’t met that we weren’t aware of.

We are using the web-based version so implementation was simple. Carlene has been a fantastic trainer – really responsive and goes above and beyond to make sure that it is all running smoothly for us.

"A huge win for our business"

Now we have our contracts in Contract Eagle we are sleeping easy. We know that reminders will be sent out at a time appropriate to our team, KPIs won’t be missed and, importantly, contracts won’t expire without us being aware that they are due for renewal. A huge win for our business.



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