Eagle Extract AI

Data Entry assisted by Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Stay on top of your contracts with one of our AI solutions

Keeping your contract database up-to-date can be difficult and time-consuming. Our proven Eagle Extract AI solutions can help. AI uses automated data extraction through machine learning and natural language processing to save you time entering your contracts manually.

You can choose which Eagle Extract AI approach suits you best:

  • Automatic - when you receive a contract document by email, just drop the attachment into Contract Eagle. Our AI will read the document, extract details such as contract title, counterparty name, etc, and begin preparing the contract entry for you to finish off or send down an approval workflow.
  • Human-Assisted - the power of human and artificial intelligence combined to extract your contract information and enter it into Contract Eagle. Send your contract document to us: AI will start the process of extracting data from the document. From there, a specialist data entry team of actual humans will finish the job of entering the contract into the repository. 

Eagle Extract provides:

  • Consistency. Ensure contracts are entered consistently, in a timely and cost-effective manner;
  • Time Savings. Free up your team to focus on tasks other than data entry;
  • Expertise. Reduce the need to train and maintain contract entry skills in-house;
  • Scalability. Manage peaks of contract entry with no impact on your team.

Contact us to find out how Eagle Extract could work for you.