Contract Eagle - On Premise

Installed on your own servers

If you prefer to manage your own application installation and maintain the application behind your own firewall then your subscription will allow you to select the “On Premise” option.

Single Sign On (SSO)

The software will automatically provide single sign on via your Active Directory, so that security of your database is managed transparently within your own network.

Robust Technology

Our software is based on ubiquitous Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

So that you can determine the viability of hosting Contract Eagle on your own servers, your IT department may wish to review our “Technical Architecture “, which we will provide to you on request.

Easy Installation

When you are ready to install Contract Eagle, we will provide your IT team with a copy of our software, along with the installation instructions and support they will require to install the software on your servers.

Benefits of choosing the On Premise Edition

  • Single Sign On via Active Directory.
  • Your data is directly accessible via your SQL Server database.