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Contract lifecycle management
Secure & efficient
Tailored to your organization

Contract Management Software Team Members
Automated document creation
Self service contracts
Custom Forms
Milestone Notifications
Visibility of entire process
Single Click Reporting
Electronic Signatures
Approvals on the go
Electronic signatures
Detailed audit history
Electronic signatures
File requests
File Upload Portal

Features & Benefits

Track & Store Contracts Securely
Guaranteed support
Cloud or On-Premise
Collaboration & Task Monitoring
Automated document creation
Request & track legal reviews
Electronic Signature

Track and store contracts securely

Find what you need, when you need it – fast

All contract documents can be stored in the same secure database, including multiple versions of the same document and supporting information (such as pricing and performance reports).

Never miss a contract milestone again

Contact Eagle’s unique reminder system ensures deadlines and renewals are always on your radar. A comprehensive dashboard shows all upcoming deadlines, renewals and tasks, and notification emails are generated and sent as key dates approach. Unacknowledged emails are escalated to the next person in line, and tasks are created automatically to ensure that every activity is managed through to completion.

Secure, safe, simple

Enterprise-level security is built in, and works in sync with core business security management via Single Sign On (available for both cloud and on-premise customers).

Rest assured with guaranteed support

Always online

We monitor our own cloud platform to ensure it’s always available when you need it. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we’ll be working hard to fix the issue and posting regular updates on our support portal.

Fast, friendly support at your service.

All Contract Eagle subscriptions come with guaranteed support response times and no limitation to the amount of support you can use. Your support query will be received by a knowledgeable support person, not by a superficial call center!

Use a cloud-based, on-premise or private-cloud solution

We can manage the technology for you...

Nobody knows more about Contract Eagle than us, so there’s no need to upskill your IT team. Contract Eagle Cloud is hosted on Microsoft's ultra-reliable Azure platform, which helps us deliver great uptime scores.

...Or you can handle it in-house

If you prefer to manage your own installation and maintainance, we’ll provide your IT team with instructions and support them through installing the software on your servers. Our software is based on ubiquitous Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

Enjoy better collaboration and task monitoring

Complete control with a couple of clicks

Designed to help you establish business-wide controls, Contract Eagle offers a secure, fully audited solution that supports standard template documents, custom forms, and approval and signing processes.

Get everyone practising best practice

Contract Eagle facilitates best practice contract management across large multi-divisional organizations. Key stakeholders (such as the CFO, General Council or Procurement) can easily achieve visibility across all contracts to manage risks and identify opportunities.

Powerful reporting for powerful results

With strong search capabilities, Contract Eagle assists with future planning, relationship management, and cost control. Simply search for the contracts you wish to include in your report, then generate it in a format of your choice. If you have a requirement that isn't solved by the available reports, we can even build one for you!

Create documents automatically from your own templates

Free up your legal team with self-service contracts

With Contract Eagle, anyone in your organization can generate pre-approved contracts – such as non-disclosure agreements – using simple online forms.

Get your workflow flowing faster

Integration with electronic signatures (DocuSign, Secured Signing), custom forms, and task management allow you to work with contracts quicker than ever before.

Do business better – together

Empower and engage your team with easy-to-use tools that make following business standards simple (and fast).

Request and track legal reviews

Track the to-ing and fro-ing

Getting a contract finalized from first draft through to final signing can be a lengthy process – and each step is crucial. Contract Eagle provides a robust, reliable and user-friendly framework for managing and tracking the journey – with advanced AI technology used to automate the review process.

AI-assisted review

Speed up the review process and easily ensure compliance with your playbook using our smart integration with Legal Sifter.

Experience seamless integration with leading electronic signature platforms

Smooth and seamless from start to finish

Contract Eagle integrates with leading digital signature platforms DocuSign and Secured Signing – making the signing process fast, accurate, and easier for your whole team .

Take care of compliance

Access standard templates that comply with company policy from Contract Eagle’s repository, and enable all parties to sign them directly. Cut down on time-consuming admin work, freeing up your team to focus on the deal.

Speed up submission

Dealmakers can submit their documents directly to Contract Eagle, automating the signing process. The contract becomes visible to your team the moment it’s signed, helping you complete deals faster and take care of business quicker.

Our Integrations

Electronic Signatures

Secured Signing Digital Signatures DocuSign Electronic Signatures

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Single Sign On (SSO)

Document Review

Legal Sifter for Smart AI Contract Review

Document OCR

Abbyy OCR and Document Conversion

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