Since 2003, Contract Eagle has been helping multi-divisional businesses – from banks to pharmaceutical companies, from agriculture to aviation - drive down the costs of their contracts.

Apotex - Since 2007

“I use this system every single day. Contracts and agreements are the lifeblood of our business, and Contract Eagle helps me to organise and locate documents in a flash. I have and will continue to be a big advocate of this important software!”
Mike Healy, CFO
“The implementation process was simple and well executed by Contract Eagle. Further to this, we have received outstanding customer support from Contract Eagle over the implementation and post implementation period. The idea of a primary repository with various degrees of user privileges to view and modify contracts instantly has worked well for us.”
Dilanth Jayasundera, IT Manager

Addx Corporation - Since 2013

“We are a small government contractor, and mostly needed a way to store the many volumes of contract documents online in a way they could be easily located and accessed by management and staff. An added benefit is the reminder emails which help the program managers keep track of task and contract expiration and renewal dates.”
Sandy Olszowy, Contract Records Manager

Otago Polytechnic - Since 2010

“An intuitive tool specialised for managing contracts with automated reminders of key events. Well supported, with regular improvements.”
 Ruth Millhouse, Contract Manager

Ballance Agri-Nutrients - Since 2007

"Contract Eagle has provided us with an easy to use, cost effective solution with secured online access to key reports and contracts to authorized persons within our head office and our satellite offices around NZ.  Their configurable, off-the-shelf system is ideally suited to our business needs and it is already proving a real efficiency gain for us."
David O'Reilly, CFO

REINZ - Since 2006

Contract Eagle's ease and speed of delivery was fantastic - they were flexible enough to fit around our hectic schedule. Whilst training and documentation were well presented, it is the system's user friendliness which makes it so beneficial to our business. It has provided us with everything we wanted.
“I am very impressed with Contract Eagle's system and am keen to see it used in other areas of the business.”
Andrea Collier, Contract Administrator

REINZ Case Study

Within 6 weeks of implementing Contract Eagle, REINZ had already realised an important benefit from the new system. REINZ was able to successfully renegotiate the terms of a contract as a direct result of a reminder email received from Contract Eagle. The reminder was programmed to arrive 90 days in advance of the renewal date and required the recipient's acknowledgement. The system first sent the email to the Contract Administrator, who was absent from work at the time. Following a lack of response to the initial email, the system escalated the reminder to the manager. The manager then started the process of renegotiating the terms of the contract.

If it had it not been for Contract Eagle system the contract would have rolled over unnoticed and would not have been renegotiated to REINZ's benefit.

From the outset of implementing Contract Eagle, REINZ discovered an oversight by a former employee that had resulted in lost revenue going back several years. One of their contracts included an entitlement to rebates which had not been claimed for over 2 years following several changes in staff. REINZ is now claiming all the payments it is entitled to and is reminded periodically, by Contract Eagle, to ensure that the payments are being collected.

REINZ realised that, had it been using Contract Eagle earlier, it would have had the benefit of the extra revenue and the change in staff would not have resulted in the loss of the intellectual property surrounding the contracts.